Radio AOC: Kinoko no Yama vs Takenoko no Sato

radio aoc

A look at two popular Japanese snacks. Written and produced by Tomomi, Yumi, Ayami and Mayu, with a special guest.

Radio AOC: Doraemon

radio aoc

Yuki, Jota, and Ayano wrote and produced this episode about Doraemon.

Radio AOC: Space Tour

radio aoc

A trip into outer space. Written and produced by Ryoji, Noriko, Yuki and Meri.

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Radio AOC: Saving Energy II

radio aoc

Miyabi and call-in guests discuss ways to save energy in Japan.

Radio AOC: Saving Energy

radio aoc

Host Junya Mizuno and guests discuss ways to save energy in Japan this summer.

Radio AOC: Studying Abroad

radio aoc

In this program, Kohei, Mao, Manami and Yuki offer some

advice for students thinking about studying abroad.

Radio AOC: Marriage in Japan Today

radio aoc

In this program, Kyoka, Yuri, Risa and Rika share their research on the

topic of marriage in today’s Japan.