Chukyo Success: A BACS Radio Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast from BACS Radio. In this episode, Takamaru and Yuki host “Chukyo Success,” which features interviews with Hirotaka, a BACS student who participated in the annual All-Japan English Presentation Contest. The episode also features an interview with Maureen Boulanger, a professor in BACS who worked with Hirotaka and his partner Yumi Kurobe on the presentation.

The program was researched Rikki and Kakeru, written by Kanami and edited by Fuyu.

Working Overseas: A BACS Radio Podcast

Listen to the latest podcast from BACS Radio. In this episode, Ayaka and Yuto host “Working Overseas,” which features interviews with Chika Oshima, a BACS student who studied abroad in New Zealand, and Iain Cook, a professor and communications officer based in Montreal, Canada.

The program was researched Kaho and Kakeru, written by Yuki and edited by Shuya.

BACS Radio Playlist 2014

Hey there,

At BACS Radio we are updating our site to integrate with new content being created in our new English project workshop class, taught by Montreal-based sound guru Iain Cook.

Check our site for updates this week. In the meantime, here’s our last BACS Radio playlist, which we put together back in December 2014. Enjoy.

  1. Your are listening to ... BACS Radio
  2. Studying Abroad Kohei and Friends
  3. Canada Today Hosts Kazu and Taka
  4. Your are listening to ... BACS Radio 0:55
  5. Music Break: "Angel" EKR
  6. Peach Boy Triple M Theater
  7. Mr. Tamborine Man American Music Podcast with Kyoka & Junny
  8. Women Today Hosts Leah, Kana and Misaki
  9. Stay Tuned! BACS Radio

Radio AOC: Kinoko no Yama vs Takenoko no Sato

radio aoc

A look at two popular Japanese snacks. Written and produced by Tomomi, Yumi, Ayami and Mayu, with a special guest.

Radio AOC: Doraemon

radio aoc

Yuki, Jota, and Ayano wrote and produced this episode about Doraemon.

Radio AOC: Space Tour

radio aoc

A trip into outer space. Written and produced by Ryoji, Noriko, Yuki and Meri.

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